Maternity shoots are best done between 34-37 weeks, don't leave it too late as babies are unpredictable little things!

Things to bring- black and beige underwear for underneath gowns is ideal. I supply maternity gowns in a range of colors and have plenty of flower crowns as well.

Info sheets will be sent via facebook.



Best done within the first 2.5 weeks of life, while they are still sleepier through the day, they are also more pliable when getting them into certain positions. Bring dummies, bottles, nappies, special keepsakes etc. If you have passed this time, please get in touch as it's still worth doing a shoot and having those memories before they grow up even more, I know how fast time flies! 

Please make sure you bath baby the morning of the shoot, if not the night before to get as much dry skin/ marks from their body and scalp.

If you have older children we get them done with their sibling first so they can relax and play, best to have another family member to keep an eye on the bigger kids while we do the newborn shoot, as sometimes this is a long process. I have a toy room for them to play in, and am happy for them to watch TV or netflix in my loungeroom. Bring a lunchbox and drinks for siblings as food keeps lil ones happy! Please allow up to 3 hours for this shoot.

Info sheets will be sent via facebook after booking.



Please bring changes of clothes, nappies, wipes and any personalised signs etc you may want to use in the shoot. I supply balloons and some other decorations for the shoot. You must provide the cake for health and safety reasons- coloured sponge is great or rainbow cake is even better! 

Nice soft icing is ideal for lil bubs, buttercream is best for lots of mess! Please remove cake from the fridge a few hrs before coming so its nice and soft. Also remember water as its thirsty work for them!